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2018 Speakers

February 2018
Katherine Murphy   Rita Mumm

Conversation in 3D :

  • Katherine "Katie" Murphy
    UC Davis PhD Student
    in conversation with
  • Dr. Rita Mumm
    Director, African Plant Breeding Academy; Assoc. Prof. Quantitative Genetics and Plant Breeding, Emerita, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Member of the Board of Trustees of CIMMYT; Principal of GeneMax Services.
January 2018
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the list of all speakers

Pictures of the event


-----   and   ----

  • AGStart, presenting
    The VINE (The Verde Innovation Network for Entrepreneurship)


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the list of all speakers

Pictures of the event



2017 Speakers

December 2017

David Slaughter

Ken Giles

David Slaughter, Professor, College of Biological & Agricultural Engineering and College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis

Ken Giles, Professor, College of Biological & Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis

Topic: The SmartFarm project

SmartFarm will take an integrated systems approach to develop superior plants, smart machines, more efficient farming methods for crops and animals alike, and a highly trained workforce that together will provide a path toward food security in the year 2050 and beyond. To achieve progress that is meaningful to farmers, ranchers and the public at large, plant and animal science research must be conducted at a sufficient scale and under actual farming conditions in addition to the laboratory. SmartFarm will work to develop technological, knowledge-based solutions that allow an intimate understanding of plants and animals at the individual level in order to create novel highly intensive food production systems for urban environments and optimize on-farm management and resource utilization, and maximize productivity in harmony with our diverse, natural environment.

View a video of a December 2016 presentation by David Slaughter.

November 2017 Dr. Nitin Nitin
Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering
& Department of Food Sciences
UC Davis

Topic: Nature inspired solutions for enhancing food quality and safety

October 2017 Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM

Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky
Professor, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Howard Hughes Medical Institute-Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation Investigator

Topic: Using sequenced mutant populations to improve wheat

View presentation:

September 2017


Special Seed Central & Food Central event
in connection with the Triennial Conference of the International Society for Seed Science

  • Field trips
  • Networking lunch
  • Speed Networking for 90 students from UC Davis, Woodland Community College, California State University Fresno, Hartnell College, Cal-Poly Pomona, etc.
    Featured companies:
    • AgBiotech
    • AgInnovation
    • Enza Zaden
    • HM.Clause
    • Incotec
    • LemnaTec
    • LGC Genomics
    • Monsanto
    • Phyto AB
    • Rijk Zwaan
    • Sakata Seed America
    • Seed World

  • Networking session
  • Featured speakers
    Seed biology Seed ecology Seed technology
    Dr. Ramin Yadegari
    University of Arizona
    Dr. Joe DiTomaso, UC Davis Johan van Asbrouck, Rhino Research
May 2017 Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM

April 2017


Special session at the USDA/ARS station in Salinas
Tours of the research station
  • Plant breeding: lettuce, spinach, melon, and sugar beet
  • Virology
  • Soil borne diseases
  • Downy mildew of spinach
  • Postharvest, methyl bromide alternatives & APHIS

April 2017 Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM
  • Dr. Douglas Cook, UC Davis
    Professor, Department of Plant Pathology
    Director, Feed the Future Innovation Lab on Climate Resilient Chickpea
    Principal Investigator of a National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research Program project to investigate the impact of domestication on nitrogen fixation in chickpeas.

    Topic: "Back the wilds: tapping diversity in wild crop progenitors for agricultural innovation"

March 2017

Download the panel biographies & industry testimonials

Special event: Women in Biotech
An inspirational roundtable

Participants: seed industry leaders and UC Davis students

  • Kristen Bennett
    Senior Program Director
    Second Genome

  • Diana Luong Nguyen
    Undergraduate Student, Biotechnology

  • Poornima Parameswaran
    Trace Genonimcs

  • Nicole Coggins
    Ph.D. Student, Molecular, Cellular and Integrative Physiology

  • Vonnie Estes
    Group Leader, Agricultural and Industrial Biotechnology
    Caribou Biosciences

  • Adina Boyce
    Ph.D. Student, Biosystems Engineering

  • Cassie Hilder
    Manager, Business, Agriculture
    Arcadia Biosciences

  • Julia Wasielewski
    MBA Graduate Student

  • Susan Turner,
    Senior Vice President, Research

  • Alexandria Igwe
    Ph.D. Student, Microbiology with a Designated Emphasis in Biotechnology

  • Debbie Yaver
    Managing Director

  • Katie Murphy
    Ph.D. Student, Plant Biology

  • Kate Stuart
    Founder and Director, Preclinical Development
    Symic Bio

  • Sriya Maram
    Undergraduate Student

Kristen Bennett


Vonnie Estes

Cassie Hilder

Susan Turner

Debbie Yaver

Kate Stuart

Diana Luong Nguyen

Nicole Coggins

Adina Boyce

Julia Wasielewski

Alexandria Igwe Katie Murphy Sriya Maram

February 2017 Seed Central SCIENCE SPECIAL SESSION on microbials
Marcus Meadows-Smith
Dr. Mylavarapu Venkatramesh
VP of Discovery Research
Dr. Matthew DiLeo
Application Development Group Leader
Novozymes North America Inc.
Dr. Venkatesan Sundaresan
Professor, Plant Biology and Plant Sciences
UC Davis
Dr. Varghese P. Thomas
 Principal Scientist, Microbiology & Crop Efficiency, Biologics, Crop Science Division
Presentation Presentation      
Bruce German   Tom Tomich
Presentation   Presentation

Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM

  • Dr. Bruce German
    Professor, Department of Food Science & Technology
    Director, Foods for Health Institute, UC Davis
  • Dr. Thomas Tomich
    WK Kellogg Endowed Chair in Sustainable Food Systems
    Director, Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis

Topic: Food system informatics: a new knowledge-based food strategy integrating human health and nutrition across the food system, agriculture, and sustainability.

January 2017 Seed Central Brainstorming Session

Topic: The talent pipeline in the seed and agbiotech industry
The various branches of the industry will present their QUALITATIVE medium and long-term human resources needs:
categories and types of jobs that will need to be filled in the next 5-10 years, majors and major combinations that will be most in demand, and skills that will be expected (incl. the important soft skills).
Industry will engage in discussion and brainstorming with educators and students.


  • Managers and human resources specialists from the seed and agbiotech industry: Agribusiness Associates, Alforex Seeds, Dow AgroSciences, East-West Seed, Enza Zaden, HM-Clause, KraftHeinz, Monsanto, Morrison & Foerster LLP, Novozymes, Rijk Zwaan, Semillas Fito, Sakata, Syngenta, Syntech Research, and American Takii.
  • Deans, professors, career counselors and students from UC Davis, California State University-Monterey Bay, Hartnell College, Sacramento City College, and Woodland Community College.


Fifteen “My company in 120 seconds” presentations, followed by networking & trade show

Presenting companies:

  • Acela Biotek
    Developing microbial cocktails for plant growth.
  • Amaryllis Nucleics
    Empowering researchers and accelerating important discoveries in genomics.
  • Amphasys AG
    Amphasys provides a powerful tool to test pollen viability, thereby helping to increase the yield of high quality seed and to reduce the cost of production.
  • AstRoNa Biotechnologies
    Engineering a simple to use detector that can be deployed on-site at every phase of food production from field to table.
  • Circularis Biotechnologies
    Our mission is to revolutionize gene expression and enable wide-scale production of biologically derived products.
  • CSP Labs
    High quality pathological and genetic testing to the vegetable seed, fruit tree, grapevine, and strawberry industries by approved or in-house improved methods.
  • gThrive
    A hardware and software field monitoring solution measuring 5 key parameters and delivering that information wirelessly to your smartphone or laptop.
  • Logos4n
    High-resolution genetics, genome, DNA surveillance technologies, to be applied to precision diagnostics and prognostics.
  • Lumigrow
    Software and hardware spectral control platform enabling large scale greenhouse researchers and growers to manage efficiency, yield and plant characteristics. (Video of the presentation)
  • Miraculex
    The sugar-free revolution you've been waiting for is finally here. 
  • Pilot R&D
    food innovation and development company.
  • Sesotec
    Separating and sorting technology.
  • Stockton Group
    A global company focused on high quality crop protection products and innovative eco-friendly solutions

  • Trace Genomics
    Comprehensive microbial evaluation for soil health and disease management.
  • XTB Laboratories
    Early disease detection.

2016 Speakers

December 2016 Conversation in 3D
  John Sorenson   Julia Wasielewski

Dr. John Sorenson, CEO, Vestaron Corporation, in conversation with Julia Wasielewski, MBA Candidate, UC Davis Graduate School of Management, Class of 2017.

Vestaron Corporation leads the biopesticide industry with a technology platform for developing novel, environmentally benign insecticides. These products are derived from naturally occurring peptides, a patented technology licensed exclusively to Vestaron and protected by an extensive intellectual property estate.

November 2016 Conversation in 3D
  Mike Lassner   Richard Michelmore

Dr. Mike Lassner in conversation with Dr. Richard Michelmore.

Dr. Lassner is a Biotechnology Consultant and Advisor focusing on value creation through technology advancement and specializing in agricultural biotechnology: traits, enabling technologies, investment, and business strategy. He had a distinguished career in "big ag", most recently as Vice President, Trait Discovery at Pioneer Hi-Bred International.

Dr. Michelmore is Director of the UC Davis Genome Center and Professor, UC Davis Department of Plant Sciences, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, and Department of Microbiology and Immunology.


October 2016

Special Seed Central & Food Central networking event at Hartnell College in Salinas

We invited:
  • USDA ARS researchers based in Salinas,
  • UC Cooperative Extension specialists and Farm Advisors based in Salinas,
  • UC Davis scientists based in Salinas,
  • members of the Grower-Shipper Association of Central California,
  • Hartnell College professors, administrators and students, and
  • California State University Monterey Bay professors, administrators and students
  • UC Davis CA&ES Aggie Ambassadors
  • UC Santa Cruz scientists

to get to know each other better and to meet the Seed Central members and all others who attend our networking events.

October 2016
  Gia Fazio   Sarah Dohle
Conversation in 3D

Featured guest Gia Fazio, Director of Project Planning, Arcadia Biosciences, in conversation with Sarah Dohle, Plant Biology Graduate Student (PhD) at UC Davis.

Arcadia Biosciences develops and commercializes agricultural traits and products that bring value to growers, processors and consumers while benefitting the environment and enhancing human health. Using a variety of advanced screening, breeding and biotechnology techniques, Arcadia has created a diverse portfolio of late-stage traits across multiple crops.
September 2016
  Daniel Morash   Ed Lewis
Conversation in 3D

Featured guest Daniel Morash, Founder, California Safe Soil LLC, in conversation with Dr. Ed Lewis, Associate Dean, College of Agricultural
& Environmental Sciences / Professor, Department of Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis.

California Safe Soil is a fresh food recycler that increases the productivity of your farm at a low cost, while helping to improve the environment. We make the best use of food that supermarkets cannot sell or donate and turn it into our Harvest to Harvest (H2H) fertilizer which returns the nutrients to the soil and promotes sustainable agriculture. Increase your plant vigor and crop yields with California Safe Soil's H2H Fertilizer.
May 2016


Michael Siminovitch

Clark Lagarias

Heiner Lieth

Melanie Yelton

light and lighting technology

  • Dr. Clark Lagarias, Professor of Biochemistry, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, UC Davis
    Presentation: Light regulated development in plants

  • Dr. Heiner Lieth, Professor / Extension Specialist, Plant Sciences, UC Davis
    Presentation: Development of new soilless crop production technologies
  • Dr. Melanie Yelton, Director of Research, LumiGrow Inc.
  • Moderator: Dr. Michael Siminovitch, Director of the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), Professor of Design, and Associate Director of the Energy Efficiency Center, UC Davis







Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM
  • Dr. Diane Barrett
    Fruit and Vegetable Products Specialist
    Food Science & Technology
    UC Davis

    Topic: 20+ Years of Processing Tomato Research in the Barrett Lab: The Condensed Version
April 2016

Dr. Steven J. Knapp
Professor and Director of the Strawberry Breeding Program, UC Davis
Our laboratory investigates how breeding has shaped and continues to reshape strawberry (Fragaria ananassa), both as a garden plant and as a horticultural commodity grown in diverse production systems supplying high-quality fruit year round. We take a multidisciplinary approach towards innovation in breeding and cultivar development, and towards understanding genetic mechanisms underlying economically important phenotypes from yield to disease resistance to flavor. Our primary focus is to deliver genetically superior cultivars to organic and non-organic farmers in California and around the world. We operate short-day and day-neutral breeding and cultivar testing programs in coastal California production environments stretching from Irvine to Ventura to Santa Cruz—the ‘Strawberry Belt’. We work in close partnership with the University of California, Davis Foundation Plant Services to deliver high-quality planting stock for the nursery industry and with Innovation Access and commercial partners to advance and deploy UC-developed cultivars in diverse national and international markets.

Topic: The UC-Davis Strawberry Breeding Program: Reformation and Expansion
April 2016

Michael Gumina
Global CEO
RiceTec Inc.
Formed with the assets from Farms of Texas Company, RiceTec has been developing hybrid rice since 1988. With diverse experience and strong affiliations throughout the world, RiceTec combines unique skills in rice farming, plant breeding and consumer marketing. The history of RiceTec began with Farms of Texas Company (formed in 1984) - a 50,000-acre rice-farming partnership.

Topic: Hybrid Rice: A Global Perspective

March 2016 Dr. Phyllis Himmel
Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain Identification (CPPSI)

CPPSI is a science based, vegetable seed industry initiative developed to standardize the identification of plant pathogen strains and races based on sets of host differentials and reference pathogen strains.

Topic: The Collaboration for Plant Pathogen Strain Identification (CPPSI)
February 2016 SPECIAL SESSION featuring cutting edge technologies


  Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM

Speaker - Dr. Paul Gepts, Professor of Plant Sciences and Geneticist/Breeder, UC Davis

Topic: Grain legume breeding in California and East Africa: contrasting endeavors

January 2016

Mary Delany



Special event - Roundtable
The seed industry is a great place for women to work - and for men too"

Learn more about our panelists and read testimonials from other women in the seed industry

View the HM.Clause testimonials:
"The Seed Industry -
A Growing Force
in Workplace Diversity"


Moderator: Mary Delany
Executive Associate Dean
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
UC Davis

Participants: seed industry leaders and UC Davis students


Risa DeMasi

Donna Harris

Iris Tsafrir

Sonali Mookerjee

Cecilia Chi-Ham

Renee Lafitte

Jana Mentzer

Randi Jimenez

Tamara Miller

Jenna Gallegos

Valerie Wuerz

Mengyuan Xiao Leonela Carriedo Weiyuan Zhu

Anne Azam - HM.CLAUSE
Growing Diversity of the Seed Industry


2015 speakers

December 2015

Dr. Etienne Rabe, VP of Agronomy. Wonderful Citrus
The California citrus industry: meeting the challenges to stay competitive
View the presentation

November 2015

Presented by The World Food Center and Seed Central

Topic: Linking research to emerging policy and regulation on new plant breeding techniques.


With a panel discussion moderated by Dr. Josette Lewis, Associate Director, The World Food Center.

  SPECIAL SESSION showcasing intellectual property protection
  Joint Seed Central & Food Central FORUM

Dr. Ian Korf, Associate Professor, Molecular & Cellular Biology, UC Davis
Topic: From bench to keyboard and back: integrating experimental molecular biology and bioinformatics to understand intron-mediated enhancement

October 2015

Dr. Carl Winter, CE Food Toxicologist, Food Science and Technology, UC Davis
Topic: - Mythbusters: Pesticide Residue Edition


October 2015 David Clifford, Lead Quantitative Researcher, The Climate Corporation
Topic: Joining the dots from data science to agronomic insight

Student research poster presentation during the networking event

September 2015

Jose Kawashima, CEO of MiCafeto Coffee Company
Topic: What makes the quality of coffee?
Coffee tasting arranged by Jay Ruskey, Good Land Organics, with assistance from Dr. Juan Medrano

Dr. Juan Medrano, Jose Kawashima, Jay Ruskey

June 2015

Dr. Ryan Hayes, Research Geneticist, USDA/ARS
Topic: USDA lettuce breeding and genetics.


May 2015 SPECIAL SESSION on plant breeding

Moderator: Jack de Wit, Rijk Zwaan



Dr. Charles Brummer, Director, Plant Breeding Center, UC Davis

Topic: Plant Breeding for the future
April 2015 Dr. Joseph DiTomaso, CE Weed Specialist. Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Topic: The interaction of seed biology in weed and invasive plant management
March 2015 Dr. Neal Gutterson, Vice President of Agricultural Biotechnology, DuPont Pioneer
Topic: DuPont Pioneer Ag Biotech R&D: strategy and future directions
February 2015 SPECIAL SESSION on plant pathology
  • Dr. Dario Cantu, Assistant Professor, Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis
    Topic: Integrative genomics approaches to improve grapevine disease resistance

  • Dr. Deborah Golino, Director Foundation Plant Services Plant Pathology Department, UC Davis
    Topic: Specialty crop clean plant centers - Managing plant health through pathogen screening and distribution of plant materials

  • Tera Pitman, MS, Prof. Bryce Falk’s Group, Plant Pathology Department, UC Davis
    Topic: Cucumber green mottle mosaic virus

  • Inmaculada Ferriol Safont, Post-doctoral Fellow, Prof. Bryce Falk’s Group, Plant Pathology Department, UC Davis
    Topic: Torradoviruses


Dr. Alex Cochran, Global Director Research and Development, DuPont Seed Treatment Enterprise

Recent advances in seed applied technology
January 2015 Dr. Bruce German
Professor & Director
Foods for Health Institute
Department of Food Science & Technology
University of California, Davis
The World Food Center's Innovation Institute for Food and Health

2014 speakers

Decembe 2014 cancelled due to severe storm

Dr. Helene Dillard, Dean of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis

Impact and Opportunities for the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
October 9, 2014 Dr. David M. Stark
Vice President, Global Trade Partnerships, Monsanto Company
Opportunities and challenges commercializing quality traits.
September  2014
Dr. Stavros Vougioukas, Assistant Professor, Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UC Davis Advanced mechanization and automation for specialty crops production
September  2014 Dr. Alan Bennett, Distinguished Professor of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Dr. Cecilia Chi-Ham
Engineering alfalfa for yield and protein quality
June 2014
Dr. Timothy Hartz
Extension Specialist/Agronomist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Davis
Farm management to minimize environmental water quality problems
  Steven Koike
Plant Pathology Farm Advisor
UC Cooperative Extension
Monterey County
Update on Diseases of Coastal Vegetables

Topic: Application and regulation of cutting edge genome editing technologies in agriculture and other areas


  • David Segal, PhD, Associate Director of Genomics, UC Davis Genome Center
    "Genome engineering: at the dawn of the Golden Age"

  • William (BJ) Haun, PhD, Director of Business Development, Cellectis Plant Sciences
    "Precise engineering of plant genomes with TALENs: next generation trait development in crop plants"

  • Andy May, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Caribou BioSciences
    "Genome engineering and RNA transcript tagging for multiple applications"

  • Alison Van Eenennaam, PhD, Cooperative Extension Specialist, Animal Genomics and Biotechnology, UC Davis
    "The governance of precise breeding techniques: can science win one for a chang


Dr. Charles Bamforth
Anheuser-Busch Endowed Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences, UC Davis

Bountiful barley
April 2014 Dr. Eric Mussen, Cooperative Extension Apiculturist
Department of Entomology, University of California, Davis
Honey bees and seed crop production
March 2014

Ali Bouzari, Chef and PhD Student in the lab of Dr. Diane Barrett, Fruit and Vegetable Products Specialist, Department of Food Science &Technology, University of California Davis

Seed to fork: a scientific and culinary perspective on the importance of flavor
February 2014 SPECIAL SESSION with members of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at UC Davis

Topic: Engineering in modern agriculture: from planting to harvesting


  • Raul Piedrahita - Brief introduction and history of the department and some of its significant contributions to agriculture
  • Shrini Upadhyaya - Precision Canopy and Water Management in Orchard Crops
  • David Slaughter - Automated GPS-based Seedling Mapping and Intra-Row Weed Control System
  • Michael Delwiche - Precision Irrigation and Fertilization using Wireless Networks
  • Ken Giles - Technology Development for Ag Chemical Application and Traceability
  • Stavros Vougioukas - Advanced mechanization and automation for specialty crops production
  Dr. Pam Marrone
Founder & CEO
Marrone Bio Innovations

Trends and New Market Opportunities in Biopesticides
January 2014 Dr. Roger Beachy
The World Food Center
Seeds, agriculture and food and a skeptical public: A role for the World Food Center in expanding both the dialogue and the impacts of science.

2013 speakers

December 2013

Dr. David Mills, Peter J. Shields Endowed Chair in Dairy Food Science - Department of Food Science and Technology / Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California

Defining the microbial terroir of wine.
Related link: Sequencing study lifts veil on wine’s microbial terroir

Related New York Times article: Microbes may add special something to wines
November 2013 Robert Jondle, Esq.
Swanson & Bratschun, Jondle Plant Sciences Division
Worldwide Plant Protection- Opportunities and Challenges


  Michael Ward, Esq.
David Yang, Esq.
Morrison and Foerster
Plant IP Protection and Enforcement in China


  Dr. David Zilberman
Robinson Chair, Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UC Berkeley
Agricultural Biotechnology: The Promise and the Prospects

Dr. Zilberman is co-author of "Agricultural Biotechnology: Economics, Environment, Ethics, and the Future", published in Annual Review of Environment and Resources, October 2013
October 2013 Dr. Bart Weimer
Professor, School of Veterinary Medicine, UC Davis
Director - BGI@UC Davis
Director - 100K Pathogen Genome Project
Director – Genomics Integration Core, West Coast Metabolomics Center
Microbial genomics in food and plant interactions
September 2013 Matthew Johnston
CEO, HM.Clause
Collaboration: why it is no longer optional for the seed industry
June 2013
Panel discussion

Moderator: Mary Zischke, CEO, California Leafy Greens

Water quality & water scarcity


  • Marc Los Huertos, Associate Professor of Science and Environmental Policy, CSU Monterey Bay
  • Abby Taylor-Silva, Vice President Policy and Communications, Grower Shipper Assn. of the Central Coast
  • Dale Huss, General Manager, Sea Mist Farms
May 2013 Dan Flynn
Executive Director, UC Davis Olive Center
Doing for olives what UC Davis did for wine
  Brainstorming session

Dr. Phyllis Himmel, Vice President of Research, Marrone BioInnovation
The Initiative to Standardize Identification of Plant Pathogen Strains and Races using Differential Hosts - An ASTA CPPSI project (formerly APS/ISF project)
John Miziko, Managing Director, Eurofins STA Laboratories
Services offered by GEVES/MATREF and Naktuinbouw
(with comparative table Netherlands/France/USA)
  Thomas Williams, PhD Candidate, UC Davis Food Science and Technology, Maria Marco Lab
Phyllosphere microbiota diversity and effects on food safety
  Dr. Theresa A. Hill, Senior Research Associate, Van Deynze Lab, UC Davis Whole genome analyses in pepper reveals diversifying selection among pepper types
April 2013 Dr. Ian Puddephat
Senior Director of Agro Sciences
Breeding and The Blue Can
March 2013

Dr. Natalia B. Neerdaels
Global Production Manager, Genetics, Driscolls Strawberry Associates Inc.
Dr. Carolyn Slupsky
Assistant Professor and Nutritionist, UC Davis

Breeding new plant varieties for flavor and consumer traits - Sharing industry and university perspectives
February 2013 Dr. Henk Hilhorst, Professor, Wageningen University Systems biology of seed quality
  Brainstorming session Practical ways in which a close linkage between UC Davis/Seed Central/Food Central and Wageningen UR/Seed Valley/Food Valley can benefit the seed and food industry.
View presentation
  Dr. Lindsey du Toit, Washington State University Seed borne diseases
  Dr. Hiro Nonogaki, Oregon State University Gene switches and miRNA to control seed development
January 2013

Dr. Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra, Associate Professor, Plant Science Department, UC Davis

Genomic signals of ancestry and selection in maize breeding.

2012 speakers

December 2012

Dr. J. Bruce German
Professor, Foods for Health Institute, Department of Food Science & Technology, UC Davis

Foods for Health: bringing health benefits to genetic traits
November 2012 Dr. Alan Bennett
Professor, Plant Sciences
UC Davis
Linking plant genomes to food quality – making a better tomato
  Brainstorming session
Dr. Cecilia Chi-Ham, Dr. Luca Comai
The Plant and Seed Sciences Corporate Affiliate Partnership Program (CAPP) - Research consortia opportunities
View the webinar
  Glenda Humiston, State Director, California Rural Development, U.S. Department of Agriculture
Tim Johnson, President, California Rice Commission
David Shabazian, Senior Planner, Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG)
Economic prosperity through regional collaboration
- View Glenda Humiston's presentation
October 2012 Don Goodwin
Golden Sun Marketing
A fresh perspective on changes to our local food systems.
The retailer’s perspective on GMOs, community-assisted agriculture, and the rising new trend of urban hothouses.
September 2012 Dr. Carl Keen
Professor of Nutrition & Internal Medicine
UC Davis
Flavanol-rich foods; an approach to helping maintain good vascular health?
June 2012
Dr. Barry Eisenberg
Vice President, Food Safety Services
United Fresh Produce Association
New food safety demands and challenges for our industry
May 2012 Dr. Luca Comai
UC Davis Genome Center
Department of Plant Biology, College of Biological Sciences
Multiple tools for crop improvement through DNA sequencing
April 2012 Dr. Roberta Cook Key trends in the fresh produce industry: opportunities and challenges
  Dr. Marita Cantwell Post-harvest quality and handling of fresh market vegetables
  Dr. Trevor Suslow Food safety issues in pre and post-harvest of vegetables
March 2012 Dr. Roger Chételat The relationship between self- and interspecific incompatibility in tomato, and potential applications in the use of wild germplasm resources
February 2012 Dr. Pamela Ronald Engineering plants for tolerance to stress and resistance to disease
  Dr. Robert Gilbertson A glimpse in the future? Direct versus marker-assisted selection for breeding for resistance to common bacterial blight of bean
  Dr. Gitta Coaker Bacterial Infection in tomato: investigating Pseudomonas virulence and identification of resistant genotypes
January 2012 Dr. Eduardo Blumwald Engineering environmental stress resistance in crop plants

2011 speakers

December 2011 Dr. Florence Negre-Zakharov Investigating fruit volatile metabolism: toward improving crop flavor quality
November 2011 Dr. Kent Bradford Report on the Gene Flow and Co-existence workshop held in Washington, DC on September 7 and 8, 2011
  Dr. Jorge Dubcovsky Using genomics information to breed new wheat varieties
  Dr. Richard Michelmore The UC Davis Genome Center - Next-generation sequencing and plant breeding
  Dr. Allen van Deynze Application of genomics in California crops

2010 speaker

June 2010
Test event
Dr. Simon Chan Engineering centromeres to produce haploid plants


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