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Benefits of membership (view this information in PDF format)
Seed Central services PREMIUM MEMBERS  $2,500/year   REGULAR MEMBERS  $1,500/year   NON          MEMBERS
Plant & Seed Science Partnership Program (PSSPP)          
  "Concierge service" to sponsor research at UC Davis (PSSPP Tier 2 & 3) x        
  Facilitation of consortia to sponsor research at UC Davis (PSSPP Tier 2) x        
  Reduced overhead for research consortia  (PSSPP Tier 2) x        
Facilitated access to UC Davis undergraduate and graduate students          
  Selection of  UC Davis students for shadowing experiences with industry researchers and dinners with a R&D and HR managers x   x    
  Collaboration with undergraduate students conducting research in the VIP Program and TEAM Molecular Prototyping and BioInnovation Lab x   x    
  Field trips taking UC Davis students to visit companies in the region x   x    
  Guidance and facilitation to find interns and employees x   x    
  Free use of Seed Central's table at UC Davis career fairs x   x    
  Recruitment and preselection for "Grand Prize Internships" x   x    
  Mentorship program, connecting professionals and students x   x    
DISCOVER Series: a head start in discovering basic research          
  "Concierge service" to arrange meetings with UC Davis scientists x   x    
  Presentations by UC Davis scientists whose basic research has potential to translate into applied research of value to seed and agbiotech companies. Also available for streaming. x   x    
  Similar approach with UC Berkeley and UC Riverside, and possibly beyond (under development) x   x    
  Field trips to research centers in Northern California (starts in 2018) x   x    
  UC Berkeley, Joint BioEnergy Institute, Joint Genome Institute, Berkeley Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USDA Western Regional Research Center, California Lighting Research Center, Carnegie Institution for Science, etc.          
 Seed Central events: networking & more          
  Option to sponsor the monthly networking events (Davis and Salinas) x   x    
  Seed Central FORUM:  monthly networking events
2nd Thursday of September-May in Davis, twice a year in Salinas.
x   x   x
  Seed Central SCIENCE: applied science presentations (twice a year) x   x   x

Interested in becoming a member?

Inquire at fkorn@seedcentral.org

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  Sponsorship opportunities

Seed Centralís monthly networking events are sponsored and made possible by some of the Seed Central member companies.

The sponsoring companies are recognized year around:

In addition, every sponsor company is featured at one of events, where it can set up a display table and make a short presentation, aimed mainly at the students in the audience.

Click HERE
to inquire about sponsorship opportunities


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