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There is much basic research that deserves our members' attention.
Hence the DISCOVER Series:

Discover basic research at UC Davis

We invite you to meet UC Davis scientists who pursue basic research that has potential to translate into applied research of value to some of our members.

Find the next session on the calendar of events at www.seedcentral.org/calendarofevents.htm

Seed Central members can view videos of past presentations at http://seedcentral.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu

Discover research in Northern California

We take you to visit research centers, many of them affiliated with UC Davis, and to meet some of their scientists, whose research is of potential relevance to our members, e.g.:
- the Joint Genome Institute, Walnut Creek
- the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley
- the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore
- the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Emeryville
- the USDA Western Regional Research Center, Albany
- the USDA Agricultural Research Station, Salinas
- the California Lighting Research Center, Davis
- the Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford

We make every effort to share what we learn at these events of discovery with those of you who cannot attend in person.

Past DISCOVER Series sessions

November 2017

Special DISCOVER session with specialists from the Core facilities of UC Davis' Genome Center:

  • Genomics and TILLING
  • Proteomics
  • Metabolomics
  • Bioinformatics

Seed Central members can view video presentations and slides at http://seedcentral.plantsciences.ucdavis.edu/nov-2017

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